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Campbell's Soup, Soup Profitability, and Soup Supplies.

The WEBstaurantStore is happy to announce that we now stock Campbell’s soup! We have 13 varieties, including the popular Chicken Noodle, Tomato, and Clam Chowder, and we also stock the versitile Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom. These soups taste terrific as is, or you can doctor them up. Why did we choose Campbell’s? Well, first and foremost, it is the familiarity. Not only is everyone familiar with the Campbell’s brand, but people are familiar with the flavors. Also, we have great support with Campbell’s and they have great resources for the restauranteur. Here are a few interesting things they have to offer:

Helpful Soup Information

First, if you are not selling soup now, you ought to at least consider it. I mean, what good is a grilled cheese sandwich without tomato soup to go with it, anyways? But grilled cheese is not the main reason to serve soups. Profit is! Campbell's even has this Soup Profit Calculator to show you how much you can make based on the price per bowl that you charge.

In addition to showing you how profitable soup can be, Campbell’s will also give you advice on how to doctor up their soups in taste:Check out Soup Presentation for tips on customizing and garnishing your Campbell's Soup.

Soup Supplies

While we just brought in soups, we have long had great success at selling soup supplies at the best prices around! Here are just a few items you may want to consider to heat up your soup sales:

  • Soup warmers: We have a wide variety of soup warmers available, including a kettle style warmer (pictured) for only $89!
  • Lance Crackers: You cannot serve soup without crackers! We sell eight different types, from Captain’s wafers to oyster crackers.
  • French Onion Crocks and Soup Bowls: This link will take you to all of our soup service bowls that do not fit neatly into any of our china patters. But, if you are trying to match up with your current china, don’t forget to check out our new Restaurant Dinnerware page for help finding your pattern.
  • Soup Mugs: Jumbo mugs are perfect for serving soup in! Their handles make it easy for servers, and make for a cozy, attractive display. We carry white china mugs as well as earth-tone servingware to match your soup crocks.
  • Soup to Go: Not only do we have a great selection of very nice paper soup-to-go and foam soup-to-go containers, but we even have bulk soup to-go products. And don’t forget wrapped soup spoons!
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