Coupon Code Update -- More Reasons to Get Your Kitchen Supplies Direct from the WEBstaurantStore!

By Steven Ziegler

A new year brings new savings! Our coupon codes/promo codes follow, but first I want to make an appeal for Ryan's sake. You see, Ryan is in charge of accepting our customer reviews and customer photos. He previously posted about the specifics here: Gettin' Paid at the WEBstaurantStore... As of late, while reviews are coming in, we have been very short of photographs. We do our best to take lots of photos of our products, but we have 20,000 products! It ain't easy and we need your help. So, I just wanted to give you a gentle reminder, that if you are looking to save some money, one way of doing so is to send us reviews and pictures. A review that is accepted will get you $2 off of your next order. A photo that is accepted will get you $4 off of your next purchase. So if you find yourself a little slow this January, just whip out your camera and take some pictures of your WEBstaurantStore purchases in use! Now for the coupon codes:

Full Sized Stainless Steel Sheet Pan Coupon!

This is a Blog-only special! Need a sheet pan that is extra-durable, easy to clean, and NSF approved? Then we have the perfect pan for you! Our Stainless steel sheet pans have all of those qualities: they are much more dent resistant than aluminum, much easier to clean up, and the do have NSF approval, which is rare for sheet pans. These premium pans normally sell for $39.99, but from now until January 31st, you can use this coupon code:sheetpan and get these full sized sheet pans for only $32.88! Here is the product link: Full sized stainless steel sheet pan.Coupon good until January 31st, 2009

You Definitely want to get this Kitchen Supply Direct from the WEBstaurantstore! Free Shipping on our 2 Bulb Food Warmer

This is a Blog-first special! Okay, you are probably thinking that our price is really high for the unit, right? You would be wrong! At $69, our Avantco 2 bulb food warmer has the best price on the web for a 2 bulb food warmer. The distant second for a price on one of these units is over $80. But not only is our food warmer less expensive, it is great quality! Just look at this warmer's reviews: customer reviews. Oh, and one more thing about this warmer--We include 2 clear heat lamp bulbs with the warmer. If you think you'll need a 2 bulb food warmer this year, NOW is the time to buy. Free Shipping Special good until January 31st, 2009

Don't bring in the New Year with a flu! Especially not when the WEBstaurantStore is here to help with Free Hand Soap Dispensers! This sale is going indefinitely.
Foaming hand soap dispensers, free with purchase of a case of foaming handsoap--one free dispenser per case:
Coupon Code for gray - KUTOLGY
Coupon Code for black - KUTOLBK.
Link: Kutol Foaming Soap Dispensers


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