Stop Wobbly Tables in Their Tracks

There I sat, with a pint of hard cider on my lap. Yeah. On. Soaking through to my leg. Rewind for a little background... my girlfriend and I were visiting a winery in Adams County, Pennsylvania, and we had tasted, debated, and settled on our final choices for a full glass. I chose a delicious Cabernet Franc, and she picked pint of cider made from locally grown apples.

No, I wasn't flagged--I only had 3 little tastes. We were just settling down at a table, sitting our glasses down and were hanging our coats on the chairs. I purchased a bottle of the Cabernet Franc for myself and a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon for my brother, and as I sat the bottles down, the table tilted and dumped the full pint of cider onto my lap!

Unlike many accidents, this one didn't seem to play out in slow motion. One second, the glass was sitting there, the next, my lap was soaked. Now that my jeans have dried, and I don't smell like apples anymore, I realized that this all could have been prevented with wobble wedges for the table!

I've seen many solutions to wobbly tables in my experience dining out and working in a restaurant. Whether it's stack of sugar packets or folded napkins, nothing really works very well for long. Wobble wedges are simple, inexpensive, and work way better than any improvised solution!

You can get a pack of 30 wobble wedges from us for less than 10 bucks... an inexpensive solution compared to the possibility of ruined clothes, table linens, angry customers, or broken glassware!

Wobble Wedge - 30/Pack
Posted in: Furniture | By Brian Montgomery
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