Mid-December Coupon Code Update

By Steven Ziegler

Coupons, coupons, coupons...we love them so! But I look at this regular post that I write as more than just a way of keeping you updated about our coupon codes; I look at it as the chance to point out special deals, closeouts, or anything else that can save you a few dollars. I also view it as a way to not just report on coupons and deals, but to present a few of my own. Well, in this holiday-time post I am doing a little of everything.

Special Buy!

We all know there is nothing more Christmassy than to-go boxes, right? Okay, maybe not. But the fact is that our buyer made a very special buy, and we now have to-go boxes coming out of every spare corner of our warehouse. You can't blame her, she got a great deal...but whoa! We have a ton of these things. But we should all thank her, and here is why: right now you can send your take out orders out with your customers, or package your grab n' go items in a sweet looking black-based, ultra-clear top containers for less than a similar-sized cheap foam container! From now until the end of the month, this take-out box is only $18.49 for a case of 384! That works out to only 4.8 cents per container. The thing about these to-go containers: once they are gone, they are gone. We have a good many, but they won't last forever at this price.

Blog Only Coupon Code!

While some of you active types may be excited about carving up the slopes this Winter, some of us more food-oriented peeps are looking forward to a different sort of carving altogether. And from now until December 25th, we are offering coupons for our great-looking, perfect-gift-for-Dad (ahem) stainless steel handled Icel Carving Knife and Carving Fork! So, unlike that Christmas roast that is going to cost you a 3-day's pay, the stylish cutlery that you use to carve it will be bargain priced!

  • Blog Only Coupon Code: Stainless Steel Handled 10" Icel Carving Knife, was $14.99, now only $9.99 with the code: steelknife
  • Blog Only Coupon Code: Stainless Steel Handled Carving Fork, was $15.99, now only $10.99 with coupon code: steelfork
  • Don't want to be sick for the holidays? The WEBstaurantstore is here to help with Free Hand soap Dispensers! This sale is going indefinitely.
    Foaming hand soap dispensers, free with purchase of a case of foaming handsoap--one free dispenser per case:
    Coupon Code for gray - KUTOLGY
    Coupon Code for black - KUTOLBK


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