April 2012 Coupon Code Update

By Steven Ziegler

The beginning of wedding season is upon us, and we know that means that our catering customers are looking to re-supply. By mid-April, weddings start taking off and many of those folks having Summer weddings are working out the details of their nuptials. Keeping costs down is key for caterers trying to win business from couples that are often strapped in this still-gloomy economy. That is where the WEBstaurantStore.com comes in with catering deals all month long. You'll find deals on chafers on our homepage, special deals on more chafers and many other catering supplies in our April emails, and right here on our blog we have a coupon code on our most popular chafer that will be good all April long. Get 10% off of our 8qt economy chafer in April with the code: ECONCHAFE. You can find the chafer here: Economy Chafer.

Another thing to keep in mind is our catering disposables. We have a huge array of catering plates and cups for any event, whether in a fire hall or a high-end resort. Not only that, but with many of our products are available in smaller packs. That makes it nice when you want to have some around to show clients, but don't want to invest in a lot of inventory. Not to mention, it is awfully nice for small events.

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Some wedding bartender advice: Because people do tend to be very celebratory at weddings, there is often a need for the bartender to resupply the bar. But did you know there is a proper time to do that restocking? There is, and it is not for the sake of the guests, but for the sake of the bartender's sanity. As soon as you hear the beginning of this song--RUN!




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  • steve ziegler

    Thank you, Rosa!

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