Behind the Scenes at the Central PA Food Bank

For most people Saturday morning is a time to catch up on a little R & R. Not so for volunteers, who woke up bright and early on a weekend morn to lend a hand at the Central PA Food Bank. The Food Bank put volunteers straight to work in packing up boxes of donated food to give to the more than 185,000 families the organization serves in Central PA. In 3 hours, the volunteers packed up 8 skids and over 11,000 lbs of food boxes! Everyone left feeling quite productive for a Saturday morning.

A "behind the scenes" look at our volunteer day at the Central PA Food Bank:

  • Assembly Line


    Like a well-oiled machine, the volunteers worked in an assembly line to sort donations and assemble the food boxes.

    Step 1
  • Candy Galore


    Halloween comes early at the Central PA Food Bank, with plenty of candy donations to go around!

    Step 2
  • Stacking and Sorting


    Half of the team worked on stacking and sorting donations, as Mark expertly demonstrates, while the rest of the volunteers packed the food into boxes.

    Step 3
  • Variety


    Food-box-packers had the tricky task of picking a variety of food items and packing them as efficiently as possible so each box had a wide selection of food supplies.

    Step 4
  • Pallet x 8


    In 3 hours, volunteers packed up enough boxes to fill 8 pallets with over 11,000 lbs of donated food!

    Step 5
  • Group Shot


    Volunteers took a quick breather to get a group picture. It was a rewarding day for everyone to be working to help those in need in Central PA!

    Step 6

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