Shamrock-ing Around The Clock: Hosting A Successful St. Patrick's Day Event

Here's to a long life and a merry one
A quick death and an easy one
A pretty girl and an honest one
A cold beer and another one!
-St. Patrick's Day Toast (courtesy of

Embracing Green = Making Green!

Beloved by persons of all nationalities and religions, the feast day of St. Patrick has evolved into a secular bash involving a lot of green, a lot of beer, and a lot of merriment! Hosting a St. Patrick's Day event at your bar, restaurant, or nightclub is a great way to introduce new patrons to your establishment. Whether you would prefer to create a traditional Irish feast atmosphere, or are feeling more like green vodka shooters and sparkly shamrocks, The WEBstaurant Store is here to guide your way through the great green festivities!

It's Easy Being Green

According to the folks at The History Channel, St. Patrick's Day feasts originally signified a temporary break from Lenten restrictions on meat, with the Catholic Church allowing parishioners one day of dancing, drinking, and eating a meal of bacon and cabbage. Modern incarnations of the holiday usually revolve less around food and more around fun green colored drinks. Consider combining the two by offering Irish-inspired appetizers and light fare for revelers as they drink and dance! Lots of great St. Patty's Day recipes can be found online, like these corned beef quesadillas that give classic feast day foods a modern twist, and this pound cake that uses Irish whiskey. When planning your special menu, don't forget to visit our free online menu designer for help!

If your establishment does not already have a supply of beer mugs, purchasing some durable plastic beer mugs is a cost-effective way to create an "Irish pub" atmosphere, and is a great way to serve eye-catching green beer! Making this fun holiday beverage is simple with some green food coloring - simply add a few drops to an empty glass, pour in cold beer, then watch it swirl together and serve! Remember to add the color before adding beer, as doing it in reverse may necessitate stirring the mixture, making the beer go flat.

Patty's Day Patronage

Advertising your St. Patrick's Day party in advance can bring in new customers and encourage existing patrons to bring friends. Holiday-specific specials, such as discounts on that new green beer, will help to bring people in throughout the night. Encourage customers to return on a different evening by offering coupons for future discounts, or consider holding a contest or raffle in which winners receive a gift certificate good for use on a return visit!

Some cities have St. Patrick's Day pub crawls that take attendees to different establishments. While the partiers usually pay a sign-up fee that often entitles them to a free drink at each bar or pub, many St. Patrick's Day revelers will continue to purchase drinks at each stop. If your business is equipped to handle an immediate influx of drinking patrons, adding your bar or pub as a stop on a crawl can equal more profits and exposure!

Luck O' The Irish

No matter what your atmosphere, be it a quiet Irish meal or a rowdy pub crawl, adding shamrock-green accents to your bar and tables is guaranteed to quickly put patrons in a holiday mood! The use of shamrock-themed placemats or green beverage napkins is also an easy, fun way to put a little Ireland style in your decor. From shamrocks to green beer, every little accent will add great Irish cheer!

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