French Coffee Presses: Take Your Coffee Service to the Next Level

There's nothing like a piping hot cup of premium coffee. Ah, so satisfying... As a confessed coffee snob, I am often disappointed when dining at an upscale restaurant, and am served a weak, flavorless, lousy cup of coffee with my dessert! It's such a letdown after a nice meal. Especially if the upscale restaurant tries to charge an "upscale" price for the lousy coffee.

Fortunately, if your coffee service doesn't match the level of the rest of your dinner service, it's easy to give it a boost by offering French pressed coffee!

With traditional coffee brewers, the hot water only contacts the coffee grounds as it passes through the filter basket. With a French press, the grounds steep in nearly boiling water for 3-5 minutes, extracting a lot more flavor from the grounds! The result is an incredibly intense, robust cup of coffee that will surely please the most discriminating coffee connoisseur!

Think of it this way, even if you don't upgrade the quality of your beans (if you grind your own) or your coffee, you can charge more for the premium French press coffee you're serving! It will taste a lot better too!

In addition to offering coffee presses in several sizes, we have lots of coffee service accessories, like coffee flavoring syrup, coffee airpots, and much more on our Coffee Shop Supplies page!

Posted in: Coffee Shop Supplies | By Brian Montgomery
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