Behind the Scenes: Volunteering at Water Street Mission's Christmas Mall volunteers got in the holiday spirit by helping Water Street Mission setup for their annual Christmas Mall. Each year, Water Street hosts a “mall” so that individuals and families facing homelessness can pick out Christmas gifts without paying high retail costs. The gifts are a small gesture of holiday cheer that makes a big impact on the underprivileged individuals living in Lancaster City. volunteers dusted off the shelves of the Christmas Mall warehouse to make room for five full pallets and countless boxes of donated clothes and toys. It was a joy not only to help a worthy cause, but also to see the outpouring of donations and support from the community!

A "behind the scenes" look at our volunteer day at Water Street's Christmas Mall:

  • Kids at Heart


    Chris and Mark are at home amongst all the donated kid's toys. When we started organizing there was barely room to walk through the rows because donations were piled everywhere.

    Step 1
  • Folding Experts


    Chris and Ben get nostalgic as they sort and fold Spongebob pajamas and Spiderman t-shirts, among other clothing donations.

    Step 2
  • Family Affair


    Steve and his three Ziglets (i.e. kids) take care of sweeping up the floors. It was exciting to have so many significant others and family members of employees show up to help out!

    Step 3
  • Elves at Work


    The ladies put the last few board games and women's clothes on the shelves. Notice the aisles are much clearer by now!

    Step 4
  • Dedication


    Sam doesn't hesitate to jump right in so we can reach the donations at the bottom of the box!

    Step 5
  • Full Crew


    We had a great turn out of hard working volunteers despite busy schedules during the holiday season. Everyone was excited to get in the giving spirit and spread a little holiday cheer to our Lancaster community!

    Step 6

Water Street Mission is the only year-round emergency shelter serving Lancaster, PA. The organization's mission is to end the cycle of homelessness through lasting, life transformation.

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