Ho Ho Ho-liday Spirits!

by Ryan Loose

As we approach the Holiday season, I think that it’s time to reflect on the most important things in the world like family, friends... mixed drinks. So, without further delay, my top three drink recipes for perfect Holiday festivities!

Holiday Punch

This one’s great because you can make it with or without alcohol (now what fun is that?).

You’ll Need: (2) 46 oz. cans of cranberry juice, (2) 46 oz. cans of pineapple juice, (2) 750 mL bottles of soda water, ’bout a half gallon of strawberry or raspberry sherbet, and a big punch bowl!

Make It Sugary: Dump the liquid ingredients into your big punch bowl and mix. Put scoops of sherbet on top of the mixture to add color and awesome-ness. Add Vodka to flavor or, just put about 1 1/2 oz. in each glass, if you have drinking and non-drinking customers or guests.

Gingerbread Man

This recipe is rapidly becoming one of my holiday favorites!

You’ll Need: Irish Cream, Goldschläger, Butterscotch Schnapps, Vodka

Make It Sweet: Combine the liquid ingredients in a shaker cup and shake with ice. Next, strain into shot glasses or a rocks glass, depending on how the evening is going. Captures the crunchy deliciousness of a fresh baked gingerbread man, without the crumbs!

IT BURNS!!!!! - The Cookie Monster

Rudolph, with your shot so bright, won’t you guide me home tonight?

You’ll Need: Irish Cream, Coffee Liqueur, 151 proof Rum, lighter, straws (preferably bendy straws)

Make It Sizzle:

Step 1) Get your bar spoon ready, ’cause this one’s a floater! In a 2 oz. whiskey shot glass, and in this order, add - 1 part Coffee Liqueur, 1 part Irish Cream. Top with 1 part 151 proof Rum. Light that sucker up.

Step 2) Let your customer pick their favorite color bendy straw. Then, have them blow out the shot and drain it with the straw. Tastes just like a warm chocolate chip cookie. Honestly.

Special Thanks to Shaun McDonald and Charlie Garber for their much appreciated input on this post. Couldn’t have done it without you!

Have a favorite holiday drink I didn’t cover? Maybe you tried one of my recipes and want to make a comment? Whether you love it or hate it, let us know! Share your recipes! Make a comment people - I guarantee it will put you in the Holiday spirit!

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