September 2011 WEBstaurant Coupon Code Update

By Steven Ziegler

Autumn is on it's way, and while the temperature outside might be cooling down, it is soon time for coffee sales to heat back up. We wanted our September coupon code to help you get ready for the change of seasons, so we chose to do a coupon for our Choice Hot Cups. These cups are very popular with our customers, the price cannot be beat, and they come either with a design, or plain white. This month you can get 10% off of cases of Choice Hot Cups by using the coupon code: HOTCUP10. Again, that is for case packs only.

Here is a link to the cups on special: Choice Hot Cups.

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Don't Be a Coffee Jerk!

Since were on the topic of coffee this month, I thought I'd share this awful and awfully funny video about coffee jerks. Being the father of two daughters, I am really glad that modern culture has changed a great deal since these clips were filmed. And I have to thank Ken from Inkling Media for turning me on to this clip.


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