Coupon Code Update -- 11/09/2009

By Steven Ziegler

Planning a Thanksgiving Buffet? Then this is the coupon code update for you! On this week’s email flyer, we added promo codes for four more chafers. These are Choice brand chafers, and are prices are already incredibly low; in fact, with the discount from the coupon code, our Choice Brand Economy Chafer is only $26! There will not be a better time to upgrade or replace your old chafers this year! Here is a list of all coupon codes the WebstaurantStore is currently running:

  • Economy Chafer: A chafer for $26.99? But is it really a complete set? We used to get that question so often, that I had to write a blog post explaining that this chafer is indeed a complete kit. If you want more detailed info, here is that blog post: Choice Chafer FAQs.
    Link: 8qt Economy Chafer, $26.99 with the following coupon code: econchafe

  • Deluxe Chafer: If you want a great and inexpensive step up from an economy chafer, our Deluxe Chafers, with their gold toned handles and knobs, are a great option.
    Link: Deluxe Chafer kit with gold toned handles, only $49.99 with coupon code: deluxe

  • Classic Chafer: Another great option for upgrading your chafers on a budget is the Classic Chafers. With their traditional decorative styling and wooden handles, they make any buffet look terrific.
    Link: Classic Chafer, only $56.99 with coupon code: deluxe

  • Supreme Roll Top Chafer: Big and bold, yet simple and elegant styling makes these Supreme Roll Top chafers the right choice for even the most fancy event. When I started selling restaurant equipment over 15 years ago, chafers like these were close to $1000. But the power of the Choice Brand, and our coupon makes this inexpensive enough even for home use.
    Link: Supreme Roll Top Chafer, only $124 with coupon code: rolltop

  • The above chafer coupon codes are valid until 11/20/09, so do not delay!

  • Deluxe Rolltop Chafer: This is our least expensive roll top chafer. The gold trim makes this an elegant, yet inexpensive choice. This is from last week’s email flyer, and is good until 11/17/09.
    Link: Deluxe Roll Top Chafer, only $84 with coupon code: rolltop

  • Also from last week’s email, the Taylor AW1000 Perfect Temp Portable Food Warmer. Whether you are planning to bring pot luck entrees to Thanksgiving, or planning on catering into a client’s home, this is the perfect super-portable warmer. Also great for long distance catering, since it has a 12v car adapter! This discount is only good until 11/17/09.
    Taylor Perfect Temp Warmer only $109 with Coupon Code:
    Coupon Code: portable.
    Link: Perfect Temp Warmer

  • Blog Only Coupon! As seen in our Airpot Guide Blog Post , we are running a Blog Only Coupon for two of our most popular airpots.
    Our 2.2 liter airpot, which is normally $19.49 each, can be yours for only $16.99 each with this code: airpot22
    Our 2.5 liter airpot, which is normally $20.49 each, can be yours for only $17.99 each with this code: airpot25
    These airpot coupon codes are good until November 16th, so buy now to take advantage of the savings!

  • Hand sanitizing is a big deal these days. The H1N1 virus has everyone worried! The WEBstaurantstore has it covered with Free Hand soap Dispensers! This sale is going indefinitely.
    Foaming hand soap dispensers:
    Coupon Code for gray - KUTOLGY
    Coupon Code for black - KUTOLBK.
    Link: Kutol Foaming Soap Dispensers

Check out the rest of our Price Chopper special right here: Price Choppers!

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