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WebstaurantStore and Katom Comparison: Where Should You Get Your Restaurant Supplies?

Online restaurant supply stores provide ease and convenience for busy restaurateurs and business owners, but how do you know if you’re getting the best deals possible? For example, Katom Restaurant Supply might offer free shipping on some items, but their website has higher prices overall to make up for this cost. In reality, it’s cheaper to shop at WebstaurantStore (even with shipping charges included) because we offer the lowest prices on each and every item. Some customers also shop with Katom coupons, but WebstaurantStore offers coupon codes every month, available on our foodservice blog. Our coupon code posts ensure that you’re always getting great deals.

This post will help you compare Katom Restaurant Supply to WebstaurantStore, so you can decide where to place your next order.

Lowest Prices. Period.

Here at WebstaurantStore we strive to provide the lowest prices available on the equipment you need. 80% of our items are priced lower than our competitors and we are always working to make that number 100%.

Pie Chart

As one of the top ten largest food service companies in the world, we have significant buying power that allows us to pass the savings on to our customers. While Katom may offer “free” shipping on certain items, our prices are kept as low as possible, so you can often get the same items for less from WebstaurantStore, even with shipping costs factored in.

Speaking of shipping, we also have the ability to get your items shipped faster because we have 4 warehouses around the country. Katom only has 1 warehouse, so if you’re not located near Tennessee, you’re out of luck. Check out our estimated shipping times to see how quickly you could receive your items from WebstaurantStore.

Best Content

Did you know that we are the only online restaurant supplier that writes descriptions for each and every product from scratch? Many suppliers don't offer product descriptions at all, or they describe their products with what they can pull directly from manufacturers' marketing materials. At WebstaurantStore, we give you quick access to the information you need written in clear and concise language. Our original copy is supplemented by the clearest product images on the web. Thousands of our product descriptions include multiple images, and many even feature 360 degree viewing angles so you can see every inch of a given item.

We take the same measures to ensure quality content in all other areas of our site, too. Our informative foodservice resources help educate customers on everything from commercial fryers to prep tables, as well as industry news, trends, tips, and delicious recipes.


Thousands of Reviews


Hundreds of Product Videos

360° View of products


Multiple Photos of Products

WebstaurantStore also takes tremendous pride in its many video productions featured on our Videos page and on our YouTube channel. While Katom restaurant supplies has a couple videos of their own, our YouTube channel has the most views of any online restaurant supplier, and with good reason! Most of our videos are designed to provide customers with a more thorough understanding of the products we offer, but every now and then we have something special in store for all our viewers. Consider when Jonathan Groff, star of Fox's Glee, stopped by to make restaurant supplies romantic, or when Steve Ziegler went viral with a little fried gnocchi experiment.

Knowledge and Experience

Anyone can put words on a webpage, but how do you know the information you're getting is reliable? With a foodservice background dating back more than thirty years, our staff has the insight to help business owners like you. Among our many knowledgeable staff members, there are over 20 certified foodservice professionals (CFSP) that give WebstaurantStore the expertise that may be lacking from other online suppliers. Even our social media expert is a Level 1 CFSP! This knowledge is shared with everyone including our top-rated customer solution specialists, who are a major reason why we have earned a place on Google Trusted Stores.

User-Friendly Navigation

WebstaurantStore's site is structured in a way that makes searching for the equipment and supplies you need simple and intuitive. Our IT department also ensures that the site's servers are always running at peak performance so you don't have to wait through any excruciatingly slow load times to find what you need.

While both Katom and WebstaurantStore offer mobile-friendly websites, only WebstaurantStore offers a mobile app that allows you to shop, scan barcodes, and chat with customer service staff. Our never-ending drive to improve user experience across the site is what sets us apart.

We Understand Your Business

Many of our competitors equally target professional and residential markets. WebstaurantStore, however, caters specifically to foodservice professionals. We gladly service residential customers who wish to do business with us, but ultimately we are a business-to-business company. That means that we understand your needs, and can provide the necessities for busy commercial customers looking for a smooth shopping experience.

When you compare Katom Restaurant Supply to WebstaurantStore, the choice is clear. Only WebstaurantStore offers original product descriptions for every item, professional know-how, user-friendly navigation, and not to mention, the lowest possible price on each product.

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I love how you used the word "peak" correctly.

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