H1N1 Tips: The Cheapest and Safest Way to Sanitize

By Steven Ziegler

This year's panic inducing sickness is swine flu (H1N1), but it seems that every year there is a sickness like this. We sell tons of products at the Webstaurant Store for cleaning, sanitizing and preventing sickness, but my favorite, and one that I have been selling for years with great results, is Sani-512.

Why is my favorite? It is all in the name: each gallon of Sani-512 make 512 gallons of quatenary sanitizer. Do a little division, and you will realize that at our current price, a gallon of sanitizer using Sani-512 will only cost you 2.7 cents per gallon! The other reason I like this, while it is cheaper than bleach, it also will not react to other chemicals the way bleach does. To put it plainly, Sani-512 is cheaper and safer than bleach!

Here are your links, sanitized for your protection:

And here, you can get swine flu information for your business, straight from the CDC:Get the flu toolkit for businesses and employers


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