July 2011 WEBstaurantStore Coupon Code and Contest Update

By Steven Ziegler

WEBstaurant Coupon Codes

What item should we feature for the hottest month of the year? Our new Soft Sided Insulated Cooler Bags, of course! We have a fantastic coupon for these great food and drink transport bags. Just enter the coupon code: COOLBAG and you will get a massive discount on these cool bags.

The Vinyl bags are normally $19.99, but with the code the are only $7.99!
The Nylon bags are normally $22.49, but with the COOLBAG coupon code they are only $9.99!

What's more, you can purchase as many as you want....there is no limit. These bags are great for keeping food and drinks cold for transport, so if you have a delivery service, these are perfect for you. We also have a great selection of reusable ice packs to keep things colder, longer!

In addition to the cooler bag coupon, we also are still running coupons for FREE foaming hand soap dispensers. The great thing about foaming handsoap: customers use less, like it more. Just add 2 cases of qualifying Kutol hand soap to your shopping cart, and enter either EZGY to receive a FREE gray wall mounted dispenser, or EZBK to receive a FREE black wall mounted dispenser! For every two cases you order, you'll get a free dispenser! Link: Kutol Foaming Handsoap Dispensers

WEBstaurant Contest for July- WOW Service!

WOW! That right there is the word that our Customer Solutions Specialists live by. In fact, the job and expectation of all of our customer service staff to make you think, "Wow, that was great service!". Fortunately, we hire fantastic people who love to make our customers feel they are valued, even when there are problems. And our customers do talk about this great service--every day. Not only can you see this on review sites: WEBstaurant Reviews, but we get many emails and comments every day from customers about our service team. Here are just a few from yesterday:

Katie was extremely helpful with my not-so-urgent questions and problem. She's terrific!

She was very concise in what she needed to help me out. She also reviewed my issue and came up with a solution right away.

Kristina was great!

So, what does this have to do with a contest? Quite simply, our team has been dealing with record sales days almost every week now for a while. We wanted to do something fun for them and also thank all of you who make those kind comments! So we are repeating the Great Service Contest that we did earlier this year. The short of it: Every customer that talks to our customer service team (via Live Chat, email, or telephone) in the midst of placing an order, that posts on our WEBstaurant Facebook wall the name of the customer service team member and a positive comment on the service, will be entered in a drawing for $250 at the end of the month. But this contest goes two ways. The Customer Solution Specialist that gets the most positive comments on our Facebook Page will also get a prize! Here are the rules:

Contest Rules

Any comments must be made in the context of placing an order, checking on an order, or inquiring about an item. Please do not call in or use Live Chat strictly in order to get entered in this contest, as we want our customer service to be as fast as possible

To be entered in the drawing, your comments must be posted on the wall of the WEBstaurant Facebook Page. If you are not already a fan, just click the "Like" button in the upper right of this blog.

In your comment you must mention the name of the customer solution specialist that you dealt with via phone, email, or Live Chat. Be Nice-you are talking about real people. By the way, the fastest customer service happens through our Live Chat.

The Contest period is 7/1/2011 to 7/31/2011. The random drawing and notification of the winner will take place on the WEBstaurant Facebook page on 8/1/2011.


  • Jill Lienhard

    Today I will be placing my 3rd order for about 20 cases of wrapped forks. I'd love to find out how many I need to order to get a break on the shipping Thanks

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