Behind the Scenes: WEBstaurantStore Volunteer Day at the Lydia Center

After a full week of rainy days, volunteers were thankful for a sunny sky Saturday, May 21st for a day of gardening at the Lydia Center . The Lydia Center is a women's addiction recovery facility on a 152-acre secluded mountain-top property with stunning views of the Susquehanna River. We got down and dirty to weed and mulch three large flower beds surrounding the main building of the facility. Luckily we had three young kiddos in our ranks this month to keep us big kids in line! With their help we were able to spruce up the flower beds to match the beautiful landscape of the Lydia Center.

A "behind the scenes" look at our volunteer day at the Lydia Center:

  • The Guys


    Matt, Ryan, and Josiah hard at work raking the mulch

    Step 1
  • Weeding


    Meagin's still smiling after an hour of weeding (note the large pile of weeds she just pulled in the background and she's still going strong!).

    Step 2
  • Sisters playing in the dirt


    By far the kid's favorite gardening activity was mulching. As soon as the mulch hit the dirt, they were ready with their trowels to get to work!

    Step 3
  • Jason "Supervising"


    Jason takes a water break to practice his "supervising" skills while overseeing the kiddos with their collective mulching effort.

    Step 4
  • Group Effort


    Check out the teamwork! Everyone pitched in at the end to finish mulching the last flower bed.

    Step 5
  • The fruits of our labor


    In total we removed 3 huge garbage bags full of weeds from the flower beds. The ladies of the Lydia Center were so grateful for our help!

    Step 6
  • The Gardening Gang


    After our gardening efforts commenced we paused to take in the gorgeous sweeping views of the Susquehanna River and get a group pic. We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day to spend an afternoon volunteering outside!

    Step 7

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