WebstaurantStore Coupon Code Update 11/3/09

By Steven Ziegler

Overstock is the word of the day! Besides our regular Coupon Code Update, I will have a special section detailing some items that are taking up a bit too much space in our warehouse. I will be adding this overstock section to many future updates, so that you blog readers will have first dibs on these heavily discounted overstocked item!

WEBstaurantStore Coupon Codes

  • Just in time for your holiday events, our latest email brings you great special on our already low-priced roll top chafer! Two weeks only!
    Deluxe Roll Top Chafer only $84 with Coupon Code:
    Coupon Code - rolltop.
    Link: Deluxe Rolltop Chafer.

  • Also in this week’s email, the Taylor AW1000 Perfect Temp Portable Food Warmer. How portable is it? Not only does it come with both a 120v power cord, but also a 12v cord for plugging into the car! What’s more, is it folds to briefcase size, only 4.5” thick, and can be stored and transported in its included carrying case!
    Taylor Perfect Temp Warmer only $109 with Coupon Code:
    Coupon Code-portable.
    Link: Perfect Temp Warmer.

  • Blog Only Coupon! As seen in our Airpot Guide Blog Post, we are running a Blog Only Coupon for two of our most popular airpots.
    Our 2.2 liter airpot, which is normally $19.49 each, can be yours for only $16.99 each with this code: airpot22
    Our 2.5 liter airpot, which is normally $20.49 each, can be yours for only $17.99 each with this code: airpot25
    These airpot coupon codes are good until November 16th, so buy now to take advantage of the savings!

  • Hand sanitizing is a big deal these days. The H1N1 virus has everyone worried! The WEBstaurantstore has it covered with Free Hand soap Dispensers with every case of foaming soap or sanitizer that you buy! This sale is going indefinitely.
    Foaming hand soap dispensers:
    Coupon Code for gray - KUTOLGY
    Coupon Code for black - KUTOLBK
    Link: Kutol Foaming Soap Dispensers

price chopper icon


  • Why launder napkins, when these Hunter Green Linen-Like disposable napkins give you a linen feel, with none of the hassles: Hunter Green Linen-Like Napkins
  • Are your tray stands looking a bit run-down and rickety? Replace them before the holiday season with our wood tray stands. We have too many, so now they are only $16.99! Tray Stands
  • If you want the classic glass salad and lunch plate look without the breakage, we have 9" petal mist plates on special this month: 9" Petal Mist Plate
  • Check out the rest of our Price Chopper specials right here: Price Choppers!


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