Coupon Code: Free Soap Dispenser with 2 Cases of Kutol Foaming Hand Soap

By Brian Montgomery

Tired of fussing with messy liquid hand soap in your restroom? Looking for a high performance, high-value alternative? Well check out the great promotion we're running on Kutol foaming hand soap!

And it's so easy. Just add 2 cases of qualifying Kutol hand soap to your shopping cart, and enter either EZGY to receive a FREE gray wall mounted dispenser, or EZBK to receive a FREE black wall mounted dispenser! For every two cases you order, you'll get a free dispenser!

These ADA Compliant wall mounted foaming hand soap dispensers also dispense Kutol's foaming hand sanitizer for versatility in any application. A large viewing window lets you see at a glance when it's time to refill, and it's super-easy to mount with screws, or the included double sided tape.

We use these great foaming hand soaps and dispensers in our restrooms, and let me tell you, it takes all of 5 seconds change the bag when it's empty-you just pop open the front of the dispenser with a little tab on the bottom, slide out the empty bag, slide the new one in and close it up! All varieties of Kutol's foaming products are hard on grime and germs, but gentle on your hands.

Maybe the best thing about these foaming hand soaps and sanitizers is how much more you get out of each refill. One pump dispenses about .75 mL of product, so each bag is good for 1300+ pushes. Multiply that by the number of bags per case and you'll see pretty soon how much you're actually getting. Plus, the way the bag cartridge is designed, there's almost no waste--you'll get every last drop out!

The other great thing about foaming soap compared to liquid soap is that with foam, people won't need to use as much--a little foam goes a long way, and it's a lot easier to rinse off than liquid soap, saving you water too! Whether you're looking for foaming instant hand sanitizer, regular foaming hand soap, or foaming antibacterial hand soap, you owe it to yourself to check out our selection of Kutol foaming hand soaps, and get a FREE dispenser!


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