5 Reasons Induction Ranges Rule

A few weeks ago, I attended my Alma Mater's homecoming weekend. The food service staff had a nice tent set up with snacks and beverages for us Alumni, and in one corner they were making little crepes using a small butane stove and fry pan. Knowing that we recently added a new entry-level induction range at a great price to our site, it got me thinking about the advantages of induction cooking, especially for a situation like the alumni gathering!

As you may (or may not) already know, induction cooking utilizes the magnetic properties of the pan to cook whatever is in it without an open flame! As long as the pan you're using is made of a magnetic metal (no aluminum or copper, please), it will work! I'll spare you the science lesson and won't elaborate further here. If you want to learn more about how induction works, check out Vollrath's Knowledge Works section of their site about induction cooking. In the meantime, here are five reasons you should replace your old-school butane range with an induction range:

Induction Ranges are Efficient

Cooking with a traditional gas range can be rather inefficient, because a lot of the heat and energy escapes into the surrounding atmosphere! With an induction range, you're using the pot or pan to do the cooking, meaning there's less wasted heat and energy. Plus, you'll SAVE MONEY in the long run since you don't have to keep buying fuel.

Induction Ranges are Fast

With a traditional gas or electric range, you heat a burner, which then has to heat the pan, which then has to heat the contents. However, with an induction range, the pan itself heats up, eliminating the slow, inefficient indirect heat transfer!

Induction Ranges are More Accurate

If you've ever used one of those butane stoves or a cheap electric range, you know their temperature controls usually aren't very accurate. Not having a high degree of control reduces productivity because you're constantly fiddling with the controls, or burning things or....ok you get the idea! With an induction range, because the amount of magnetism varies exactly by how much electricity is delivered, you have nearly infinite temperature control!

Induction Ranges are Safer

With an induction range, there's no open flame, no finicky fuel canister. That's a huge plus for windy days or cramped environments. Only the pan and the food will get hot!

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Check out our selection of induction ranges! Our pricing is second-to-none, whether you're looking for a basic model for your omelette station or a powerful workhorse for your kitchen!

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