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Wedding Cake Favors

With only 11 days remaining until my walk down the aisle, few things are on my mind outside of wedding planning. So, it is with this spirit that I present to you a darling new idea – cupcake favors.

Cupcake Favors

Cupcake wedding cakes are all the rage these days. And, while they are certainly not appropriate for every wedding, many modern brides-to-be are finding cupcake cakes as an attractive alternative to traditional wedding cakery.

Cupcakes are not only adorable to look at, but they offer price points that are perfect for any budget. From plain-Jane chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with traditional buttercream icing to more exotic mousse- or jam-filled cupcakes with rolled fondant icing and edible decorations, cupcakes offer a personalized touch to make your wedding day your own.

However, even with their perfectly-portioned size, cupcakes can still be a little too much for your guests after a big chicken-or-fish meal. This is where cupcake favors come into play –

By boxing up your cupcakes into these cute little cupcake boxes, you’ll give your guests the freedom to choose when to indulge in the sweet confections. If they want to eat their cupcake after their meal, go for it! If they want to hold off until they get home, they’re more than welcome to. And, since everyone will have a cupcake favor, there’s no pressure to have their cake and eat it too. . . quickly that is.

Still not sold on the idea of cupcakes-to-go at your wedding reception? Try personalizing your cupcake boxes with your wedding emblem. Or, for a fancier approach, how about having your calligrapher add your names and the wedding date to each box? Even a clear mailing label printed with elegant font will do the trick. The possibilities are endless!

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Tonia Malone Says:

This is the perfect idea. By me being a dessert business owner I make cupcakes as a wedding favor it has been a success for me. Great suggestion!

Rebekah Harper Says:

I would love to see the boxes matched up with liners better. I felt completely overwhelmed when looking at them, trying to select the best fit.

Leidra Horton Says:

<p>Hi Rebekah! </p> <p>Here’s a breakdown for you that should make selecting cupcake inserts much easier: </p> <h3>1-COUNT CUPCAKE INSERT</h3> <p>Item #2451012</p> <p>Each of these cake boxes will hold (1) 1-count cupcake insert for a total of 1 cupcake per box: </p> <ul><li>Item #245444CB</li> <li>Item #245444WB</li> <li>Item #245444CPCAKE</li></ul> <h3>2-COUNT CUPCAKE INSERT</h3> <p>Item #2451011/9991011</p> <p>Each of these cake boxes will hold (2) 2-count cupcake inserts for a total of 4 cupcakes per box: </p> <ul><li>Item #245884CB</li> <li>Item #245884WB</li> <li>Item #245885CB</li></ul> <h3>6-COUNT CUPCAKE INSERT</h3> <p>Item #2451010/9991010</p> <p>Each of these cake boxes will hold (1) 6-count cupcake inserts for a total of 6 cupcakes per box: </p> <ul><li>Item #245973WB</li> <li>Item #245973WBK</li></ul> <p>Each of these cake boxes will hold (2) 6-count cupcake inserts for a total of 12 cupcakes per box: </p> <ul><li>Item #24514104CB</li> <li>Item #24514104WB</li></ul> <p>Each of these cake boxes will hold (4) 6-count cupcake inserts for a total of 24 cupcakes per box: </p> <ul><li>Item #24519145CB</li> <li>Item #24519144WB</li> <li>Item #24519144CB</li> <li>Item #2451175</ul></li> <p>Be sure to contact us if you have any further questions! Thanks! </p>

Kristi Anzivino Says:

I recently used your small window boxes for cupcake take home favors at an engagement party for my son. They not only looked great sitting next to the cupcake tower, they were a hit with the guests.

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