Is There Anything Better Than Bacon?

Maybe ketchup. Or peanut butter. But that's about it. Back in January I wrote about Single Purpose Restaurants on the Rise, and one of the single purpose restaurants I envisioned was an establishment dedicated to the backside of sus scrofa. Maybe someone was paying attention, after all.

Denny's Restaurant recently began offering a limited time "Baconalia" (clever, eh?) menu to celebrate the wonders of bacon. Standout entries on the menu include mouth-watering bacon flapjacks that you can top off with a maple bacon sundae. Enticing as all of this sounds, the news here isn't that bacon is awesome. Everyone already knew that.

But were you also aware that there are quite a few benefits to be gained from devouring bacon? Steve Ziegler, The Webstaurant Store's product expert (also known as "The Gnocchi Guy"), sent me an infographic a few weeks back that covered in comical detail only a few of the many virtues of bacon. I've since been waiting for an opportune time to somehow incorporate it into the blog. Now, dear readers, is that time.

Made by the folks at

Maybe there really isn't anything better than bacon.

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