Behind the Scenes: WEBStaurantStore Volunteer Day at Water Street Rescue Mission

Ever wonder what employees do when we're not helping out customers, shooting images or videos, or writing product descriptions? Well, on Saturday March 19th, fifteen of us volunteered to weed, pick up trash, mulch and plant flowers at the Water Street Rescue Mission in Lancaster city!

Not only did we get to help out a great local outreach organization like Water Street, we also got to know some of our fellow WEBstaurantStore team members a little better too!

A "behind the scenes" look at our volunteer outing at Water Street Rescue Mission:

  • Flower Bed Before We Got to Work


    This is what one of the flower beds looked like before we weeded, planted flowers, and mulched!

  • Getting to Work


    Josiah and Dave are hard at work getting the bed ready for flowers!

    Making Progress
  • Nick and Nick: Mulch Masters


    Nick #1 and Nick #2 work together to add mulch to one of the front flower beds. Notice Jason in the background working hard with that rake. And, Josiah "supervising".

    Mulch Masters
  • Flower Bed After


    After a couple hours of teamwork, this is what the flower bed looked like!

    Looking Good
  • Meet the Whole Gang


    Luckily we had a great day to be outside working. We spread a whole truckload of mulch, filled plenty of garbage bags with trash and weeds, and even planted two flats of pansies and plenty of tulip and daffodil bulbs!

    Meet the WEBstaurantStore Volunteer Group

The Water Street Rescue Mission is Lancaster, Pennsylvania's biggest homeless shelter, and has been helping out those in need since 1905! We'd like to thank those at the mission for letting us lend a hand, and we're looking forward to our next volunteer opportunity!

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