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Slim Down Your Portions This Spring

The official countdown to spring has finally arrived! With the ever-present temptation to go out to eat more, enjoy happy hour with friends, or go to a favorite outdoor dining hotspot, getting back into shape is harder than ever. This year, help your customers to get their beach bodies back, while still enjoying all of the great springtime festivities, by strategizing to serve smaller portions all meal long.

Stimulate Their Appetite, Don't Spoil It!

CAC CMP-D12 12 inch Bright White China Square 4 Compartment Tasting Tray - 12/Case

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines appetizer as "a food or drink that stimulates the appetite” -not spoil it (or ruin their last-minute dieting efforts)!

Instead of using a large platter that overflows with food, try serving your appetizers on this super white 12" china square 4 compartment tasting tray. By serving miniature versions of your most popular appetizers, your customers will still get to enjoy their favorite dishes, without feeling guilty when the main course arrives.

Save Room for Dessert!

To keep the guilt-free dining experience going, following your perfectly-portioned appetizer, serve your entrees in a similar fashion. Studies have shown that serving meals on smaller plates tricks the mind into thinking meals are larger if the plate is filled. By downsizing the portions of your regular entrees and serving them on smaller plates, your customers will still get their money's worth, while you reap the benefits of using less food!

It’s just that easy!

By using this portion control technique this spring, asking your customers for dessert should be a cinch! Since they didn’t overindulge during the appetizer or the entrée, they’ll have plenty of room to satisfy their sweet tooth after an enjoyable meal. Dessert shot glasses allow you to create bite-sized desserts filled with ice cream, brownies, cake, or pudding.It is a fabulous end to the perfect meal, but doesn't overdo it. This will leave your customers 100% satisfied and ready to come back again.

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