Behind the Scenes: Chris McMichael

Customer Solutions Specialist, Chris McMichael, has been serving restaurateurs since long before was even launched. In fact, his very first task with the company was to categorize all of the products that would be sold through this revolutionary new e-commerce website, The WEBstaurant Store. After the site launched in 2004, Chris was tasked with helping our very first customers . . . and hasn’t slowed down since!

In an exclusive interview with Chris McMichael, I got to learn a lot about the man behind the phone. Check out what I discovered!

As a Customer Solutions Specialist, what exactly do you do?

Primarily, my role involves working with our customers to provide them with information about our products and their orders.

You’ve been with the company for quite a long time! What keeps you coming back?

Nothing beats the feeling I get when I receive a “job well done” from one of our customers!

Over the years, we’ve seen features come and go on Have you had a FAVORITE feature?

The blog! It contains so much useful information. I have referred to it many times to help me answer questions from our customers.

Alright, enough with the work talk. – What do you like to do outside of work?

I enjoy traveling, and have visited almost all of the States in the U.S. Last year I took up bicycling, as it is beneficial for keeping me in better shape for my other outdoor endeavors, like the occasional backpacking trip.

We sure do get our share of winter weather in Pennsylvania. What’s your favorite WINTER activity? Why?

Snowboarding is something that I have enjoyed for quite a few years. It involves travel to some beautiful outdoor locations, and is also something that I can do outside when it is not so nice for other things. I have family and friends that enjoy snowboarding, so the camaraderie is also nice.

What’s your favorite food now? How about back in childhood?

Now, I’d have to say a hamburger and fries, washed down with a cold beer. Simple yes, but very enjoyable! Thinking back though, I have always loved peanut butter, so peanut butter cups have always been my favorites. I also really like pickles too, and salt and vinegar potato chips.

What is your favorite book?

My favorite book was written long ago, and yet it contains a wealth of practical wisdom – Can you guess what it is?

Do you have any hidden talents? If so, what are they?

I have some artistic talent. I especially like painting landscapes.

Keep checking back for more Behind the Scenes profiles in the future!

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