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Gearing Up for Valentine's Day

The origin of Valentine's Day dates all the way back to Ancient Rome, where a Priest named St. Valentine secretly married adoring couples despite the emperor's mandate that all engagements and marriages be cancelled. On February 14th around the year 270, St. Valentine ultimately lost his head as a result, and would eventually have a holiday named after him.

With millennia gone by, men and women now lose their heads trying to find a perfect gift for their significant other, all in the name of a holiday that they're not quite sure why they're celebrating. But celebrate they shall, restaurateurs, and here at WebstaurantStore.com we have a few Valentine's Day themed items that will help you capitalize on this opportunity and maximize your profits in the days leading up to the 14th!


There will be some guys and gals out there who will really go above and beyond the call of duty by not only providing a nice dinner but also cooking it themselves, so make sure your deli is prepared! Appeal to these reckless overachievers who selfishly raise the expectations for the rest of us by identifying your most popular meats with a Valentine's deli tag topper.


Heart Shaped Form

We as a society are told to take it easy on the sweets 362 days out of the year, so for the remaining 3 days that cater to the sweet tooth (Easter, Halloween, and the forthcoming V-Day), many of us become equal opportunity ignorers of the food pyramid. Business is sure to boom for your bakery in the upcoming week, and you can boost impulse sales even more by baking some large confectionary creations in a heart shaped foil bake pan, or making heart shaped cookies and other small pastries with an Ateco heart cutter set.


Valentine Placemat

For many couples, the "romance" never dies--the 20th Valentine's Day together is just as special as the first. For others? Been there. Done that. It's still great to go out and have a nice meal together but, come February 14th, many will prefer to avoid the mass crowds and overlapping reservations of high-end restaurants and instead opt for an enjoyable meal out at the local diner.

While these individuals may no longer subscribe to the sensationalism of the holiday, they may still appreciate some of its quirks. Put a smile on their faces by setting your tables with a Hoffmaster 856697 Valentine placemat and napkin combo case, and maybe even using a heart doilie as a substitute for a coaster!

All Others

Did you know that for a quick, easy, and elegant Valentine's Day tabletop decoration, all that you need is a few old wine glasses and some other minor instruments? Check out our Holiday Table Centerpieces blog by Leidra Granzow, WebtaurantStore.com's facilitator of fanciness, for a quick how-to that will save you some cash and improve your decor! Leidra recommends using roses or rose petals for an effective Valentine's Day theme.

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