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The Cheesiest Blog Post Ever!

Okay, processed cheese may not be anyone's idea of ‘fine dining’, but is there really anything better on nachos, baked potatoes, burgers, Philly cheesesteaks, broccoli, or chili? While a Stilton may be nice with your Old Vine Zinfandel, nothing quite goes with beer and a ball game better than nacho cheese! We have several different types here at the WebstaurantStore, one of these styles of cheese is sure to fit your concessions stand, convenience store, or restaurant needs.

Canned cheese:

Cheese Warmer with Heated Spout

Your cheesemonger may not approve; but whether you are making nachos, cheesy broccoli, soft pretzels, or traditional Philly Cheesesteaks, there is really no substitute for canned cheese. The best part about canned cheese is it is so easy to work with: just open the can, place in the warmer, and go. Some dispensers even accept the #10 can as is. We also have dispensers with heated spouts, to prevent clogging. The great thing about WSS is that, because we sell most of these canned cheeses by the individual can as well as by case, it is easy to test it out and see which cheese you like most. The most economical way of buying this already inexpensive cheese is by the case, so the fact that it has an 18 month shelf life really comes in handy.

Portion Pack Cheese:

Portion Pack Cheese

Portion pack cheese has many great things going for it: As with any PC packed item, you know exactly what it costs and it is simple to control inventory, it is a very sanitary way to serve nacho cheese, there is no cheesy mess to clean off of your equipment, and the grab n’ go nature of the product makes it a natural for high volume environments like convenience stores and stadiums.

Bag Cheese:

Bagged cheese is a super-sanitary way of dispensing cheese. The air tight bag keeps the cheese fresher longer, and allows you to extract much more out of every bag, so you waste less. The bagged cheese warmer could not be more easy to clean, because it never actually touches the cheese. There is even space inside the cheese warmer to preheat an extra bag, so this dispenser is great for any hi-volume applications. What is more, you can even get bagged chili, so this dispenser is perfect for a hot dog or potato station!

Enjoy these cheesy links!

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