Register Rolls Buying Guide

Register Rolls

Have you ever noticed how cash register rolls tend to come in larger quantities than what you really need? You can’t buy just one register roll. . . Or two. . . Or even THREE. No, you have to buy a pack of 5 at the bare minimum. Who needs 5 at once?

What does one do with the unattractive packaging between orders? If you’re anything like me, throw it out of course!

Now What?

When the time comes to reorder, and you just can’t remember what size, or type, of register roll to order, our NEW Register Rolls Buying Guide has you covered.

This guide explores the three types of register rolls to serve as a refresher in case you haven’t ordered in a while.

Once you find out what type of paper you need, simply print off the printable guide, line up an existing register roll from your printer, and you will instantly discover the roll width that your register requires. It’s that simple!

Go ahead and check out the guide!

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