Save Time Shopping The Webstaurant Store with Quick Add to Cart

By Brian Montgomery

Here at The WEBstaurant Store, we know that your time is valuable. That’s why we’re constantly developing new site features to streamline your shopping experience! One of our newest features is called "Quick Add’, which lets you add an item to your shopping cart without landing in your shopping cart every time!

From either an item’s page, or a category listing, simply enter the quantity of the item you’d like to purchase, and click the gray "Quick Add" button located directly beneath our regular "Add to Cart" button:

After you’ve clicked "Quick Add," you’ll get a nice preview of your shopping cart, where you can either check out or close the preview and continue shopping!

We’re always looking for ways to improve your shopping experience, so feel free to contact us via email or live chat with your comments and suggestions for the site!


  • evelyn ryan

    I have a lot of friends that would love to order from you but your shipping prices are beyond out rageous and most cost more than the product it self. Many of us are not going to order due to the shipping costs.

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  • Emily Hewitt

    Evelyn, thank you for your comment! I'm a Customer Solutions Specialist here at the WEBstaurant Store. In regards to your concern with our shipping costs, we charge actual shipping on our orders through FedEx in order to keep our prices as low as they are! The charges are calculated based on the weight, dimensions, and distance the order is traveling. So, if you're purchasing just one item, the shipping costs will be higher than if you're purchasing multiple items at a time. The more you buy, the more cost effective your shipping charges will be! Also, you may want to check out our blog on Time and Money Shopping Tips

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  • Kimberly Cambric

    how do you save the shopping cart list so you can come back and purchase the items later

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