Correll Food Service Tables

With the holiday season just around the corner, it’s never too early to start planning for the forthcoming festivities. As dinner reservations pour in, and your banquet facilities instantly transform into party headquarters, step away from your trusty, lackluster buffet floor plans, and explore the NEW Correll Food Service Table Collection for an updated presentation.

The possibilities are endless when you combine these lightweight, blow-molded plastic food service tables into intricate masterpieces of buffet “Table-ry.” Want to set up a drink or dessert station without it being in the way of heavy foot traffic? Against an existing wall, try placing one FS3030W quarter round wedge folding table at each end of your rectangular folding table, for an out-of-the-way, functional, “Wallhugger” design.

For a wider variety of layout options, try adding one of our FS3096S serpentine tables to your existing set-up! Just two serpentine tables can create a semi-circle carving station, or, by turning one table the opposite direction, you can achieve a modern, “S”-shaped buffet presentation. Three serpentine tables can be formed into a super carving, omelet, or buffet station, while four can make a circular buffet station around an artful FS71R round table display.

Looking for even more Correll Food Service Table layouts? Check out Page 2 of their individual product Spec Sheets for specific designs!

As the holidays arrive, and parties come and go, don’t forget to take photos of your intricate buffet layouts. Submit them for credit and show off your inspiration for other restaurateurs to see.

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