The Benefit of Shredding Cheese

Pre-shredded cheese is a valuable asset to any commercial kitchen, and why not? With all of its deliciously dairy versatility, shredded cheese can be used to top salads and grilled breads, as a crucial ingredient in pizza and tacos, or melted over top of pasta and much more. Having it prepared for you saves valuable time and money, but are you prepared to shred your own cheese if the situation demands it?


Maybe you forget to place your order, maybe you run out, or maybe it's something beyond your control. What if the shredded cheese delivery you're desperately awaiting ends up being mopped off of a highway with thousands of soft-shell tortillas? reports that a semi-trailer carrying 39,000 lbs. of cheese caught on fire yesterday, closing down the eastbound lanes of I-10 for more than six hours. Unless you prefer your shredded cheese be melted and spiced with asphalt, that's a lot of unusable dairy.

A rare occasion? Sure, but it's also cause to remember that there is value to shredding your own cheese. There is an undeniable charm in watching your server pull out the cheese grater and shredding cheese atop your entree or appetizer that just isn't there if it's fingered out of a bag in the back of a kitchen. Having your own grater on hand is also a reliable fallback option to have in the event that you find your inventory of shredded cheese unexpectedly barren.

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