Not Just Independence Day - Sidewalk Egg Frying Day 2010

Did you know that July 4th not only honors the birthday of the United States of America, but also shares the calendar date with “Sidewalk Egg Frying Day?” While many-a-young “chefs” may take to the sidewalk on this day, as a restaurateur, frying eggs on your sidewalk undeniably will result in a few calls to the local health department – and could get you shut down. Instead, why not celebrate this unique holiday by checking out all of the eggcellent egg-related products available here at

Until I was about sixteen years old or so, when I got first job as a short-order cook, I never could have imagined all of the different types of eggs available during the morning fanfare. From sunny-side up to scrambled hard, all eggs demand adequate cooking equipment to take center stage. Whether your eggs require a durable fry pan, a dependable countertop griddle, or a full-size commercial oven, has the cooking equipment for you.

Add a touch of French tradition to your traditional breakfast menu with shirred eggs, or oeufs en cocotte. These individual servings of eggs are baked in a shirred egg dish, which fits just the eggs, plus any flavorings, garnishes, or liquids. They’re perfect for trendy cafes or busy banquet facilities.

For quick, consistent egg preparation, every restaurant must have a sturdy, dependable egg ring to make it through the morning rush. Available in several sizes, you are sure to find just the egg ring for your needs.

If healthy is what you’re looking for, why not pick up an egg poacher from to create the perfect poached eggs in a flash? Whether you need to make just one poached egg, or fifteen, we have the egg poacher for you.

When lunch or dinnertime comes around, and salads abound, don’t get caught without a good egg slicer to quickly, efficiently slice hardboiled eggs. Not looking to slice your eggs, but simply remove the tops of your egg shells for a delicate presentation? Check out our egg topper to create elegant displays.

So there you have it – A thorough look into our eggstravagant egg-related products. This Monday, when the 4th of July rolls around, please DO NOT fry your eggs on a sidewalk. Instead, log on to your computer, and stock up on eggxactly what you need to serve the perfect egg.

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