National Onion Rings Day 2010

It’s that time of year again – CARNIVAL SEASON! From the down-home, country-style musicians providing that signature twang to your summertime festivities, to the fanfare of deep-fried delicacies to choose from, nothing is better than carnival season…Nothing.

Some people say I tend to take carnival season a bit too seriously, but honestly, who doesn’t have their entire summer color-coded by county fair after county fair? Isn’t that normal? I’d say so.

This past week, I attended my favorite Fireman’s Carnival - twice. On the first night, I went with the sole intention of purchasing, and indulging, in deep-fried, sugar-coated funnel cake. Boy was that sugar rush ever worth it!

The second night I went though, I knew funnel cake would not tide me over, so I determined myself to find myself some dinner amongst the crowds. Heading over to the Ladies Auxiliary stand, I decided a sauerkraut-covered hot dog would do the trick, with a side of one of my favorite vegetables ever – ONION RINGS!

There is just something about onion rings that instantly make any meal fabulous. Perhaps it is their crunchy outer covering; or maybe it is that mysterious dipping sauce that you dip each round ring into. Whatever it is, it’s amazing.

Working for though, I constantly find myself evaluating serving dishes EVERYWHERE I go. I embarrass my family to all ends when I walk into a fancy restaurant, sit down, and immediately proceed to flip over all of the dishes, glassware, and flatware to examine the brands. Yes, I am that person. At the carnival in particular, I took note that my onion rings were served in paper food trays with plastic portion cups for dipping sauce; nothing out of the ordinary in that setting.

However, nothing bothers me more to see onion rings dressed in this manner in pizzerias, diners, or steak houses. This inappropriate treatment of such a high-profit appetizer/side dish is such a letdown for me that I emotionally get disappointed. Yes, really. You see, has a number of options available to provide your onion rings the style, sophistication, and height that they deserve to stand tall above the crowd. So why not take advantage of them? This is where I get disappointed in restaurants. Still wondering what I’m talking about?

  • Dress your onion rings to impress by displaying them on a sleek, modern onion ring tower like this one. Not only does it look fancy, but it also keeps your onion rings from slipping out of the container, AND, as an added bonus, it has room to hold your ramekins of dipping sauce.
  • While you are at it, invest in some quality ramekins to keep your dipping sauces looking dapper while your onion rings grasp the attention. Nothing is worse than throwing out money on disposable portion control cups when more permanent, plastic or melamine options are available. And, they look much more professional than their disposable counterparts.

So there you have it, onion rings from carnival to table top in two quick steps. Just imagine how much more professional your restaurant will look with one of these fancy towers serving as an appetizing centerpiece!

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