Chef's Companion Powdered Country Gravy Mix – You Get What You Put Into It


Never, ever, EVER, doubt the powers of instant gravy from WebstaurantStore. Yes, you heard me…NEVER. EVER.

Now that that disclaimer is out in the open, let me explain why this natural law of WebstaurantStore-ology exists.

As promised, a few weeks ago, I decided to test out a few (seemingly outrageous) claims here at WebstaurantStore. If you've read my prior post titled, “True Recipe Mashed Potatoes – Fraudulent or Fabulous?,” you will see that my doubts regarding the number of servings in a can of True Recipe instant mashed potatoes were pretty well mashed by the time I was done with my experiment.

Nevertheless, I decided that I was also going to test out our Chef's Companion Powdered Country Gravy Mix to see if one tiny 24 oz. bag of dry gravy mix really could make an entire gallon of creamy, delicious gravy. So what happened you ask? Let me tell you.

The Situation

Since I was making this gravy for the same benefit dinner as my mashed potatoes, I knew that I had to feed around 300 hungry mouths. Each packet of gravy supposedly provided (64) – 1/4 cup servings of gravy, so to be on the safe side, I knew I should make at least five packets of the gravy mix (this would give me five gallons of gravy, or enough for 320 servings). Since I tend to be pessimistic when testing out potentially false information, I decided that it wouldn’t hurt anything to make all eight packets of gravy that came in my case (this should translate into a whopping eight gallons), or enough for 512 servings. Some people like more gravy – - right?

At least I hoped that they did when I made this gravy…

The Realization

I’m a Writer…Not a Chef. Looking back, I don’t know why I even doubted this claim. You see, to make the gravy you simply take 1 packet of gravy and slowly mix it into 1 gallon of hot water with a wire whip. Basic math tells you that what you put in, you will get out. Elementary school stuff here people. What was I thinking?

For this undertaking, I essentially took 8 gallons of hot water, mixed in 8 packets of gravy, and guess what happened? I GOT 8 GALLONS OF PIPING HOT GRAVY! Really now…What was I thinking?

The Result

But that’s not all. You see, this gravy was not runny, or lumpy, or greasy, or, well, typical instant gravy. This Chef's Companion Country Gravy actually turned out to be a delicious, creamy white gravy, with dark black specks of flavorful pepper flakes. And let me tell you, we had MORE than enough; GALLONS more than we needed. Go figure. Good thing we had an abundance of mashed potatoes left over to go with the gravy!

Bloggers, have you ever had a total kitchen mishap like this? Where you just weren’t thinking when you prepared something and it turned out to be a disaster? Comment and let me know what happened in your situation!

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David Grant Says:

You assumed that everyone ae your party was going to eat your gravy so you made too much. Since you had other things on the menu you should have made onlt enough tor 50% of your guest

Leidra Horton Says:

Good advice! I suppose I assumed that between the mashed potatoes, the ham loaf, and the turkey loaf, everyone would use at least a little gravy. Apparently not. Good advice for my future endeavors though! 50% of my guests would be a MUCH more reasonable figure. And, since this gravy is so quick and easy to make, even if I ran out, I could simply whip up another gallon within minutes. Thanks for the advice David!

Keith Reeves Says:

I started making gravy from scratch at a friend's house many years ago by making a rue. Since my friend had left to go to the store, I grabbed what I thought was an unlabeled flour canister and proceeded to brown the rue in a little oil. It did not brown so I added more "flour" and it still did not brown. So I decided to just go ahead and add the liquid to the rue and ended up with instant cement. It seems that what I thought was flour turned out to be corn starch. By the time I added enough liquid to smooth out the gravy, we had about five gallons of gravy in four pots cooking on the stove for just the two of us. It was quite the sight.

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