Recyclable Cardboard Trash Cans - Your Green Waste Disposal Disposable Solution

By Ryan Loose

LBP 20002 Large Cardboard Recyclable Trash Can - 10/Case

Ladies and gentlemen. Back from its world tour with the monsters of rock. The perfect, eco-friendly waste receptacle solution for catered events, stadiums, amusement parks, schools, hotels, and conference centers. (Drummmmmmm rolllllllllll). Introducing our new Recyclable Cardboard Trash Can!

Let’s face it, trash clean up at your outdoor catered events can be a pain. Lugging around heavy trash cans with all of your other equipment is a nuisance and hanging large contractor bags around the site is unsightly. But, thanks to our new large recyclable cardboard trash can, clean up has never been easier.

The large recyclable cardboard trash can has a capacity of approximately 32 gallons. It is made of 100% recycled material. A subtle, natural kraft base color and green designs make it easy for your clients to find a waste receptacle, but won’t distract from the overall ambiance of your event.

And when your event is over, and the crowds have diminished, and the last rays of the setting Summer sun are crawling to the west, just throw the entire cardboard trash can and contents away or, if you’re using it for cans and bottles, pitch it in a large recycling bin. Not only is the large cardboard trash can recyclable, but it is also approved for disposal in commercial composting facilities. So, no more hauling filthy trashcans or bags of garbage around. And the catering crowd goes wild! Plus, they’re shipped flat so they won’t waste a lot of storage space and they assemble easily at your event. So, before your next outdoor sporting event, catering job, concert, community fair, or family picnic, be sure to pick up a few packs of our large recyclable cardboard trash cans and save yourself some time. While you’re here, be sure to check out our great selection of degradable low density trash bags too.

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