The World's Fanciest Hibachi Grill

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Sometime in the middle of Winter, I had this craving, as I often do, for meat on a stick. Specifically lamb with a Middle Eastern Marinade. I didn’t act on it for a few weeks, but then I watched an episode of No Reservations where Anthony goes to Turkey. At that point the craving became a need, and I resolved to take care of it the next day. But I wanted to do these right, and even though I have always cooked on a gas grill, I really wanted to use charcoal with the never-used hibachi that I found in my garage when we moved in 10 years ago. The next day I bought my lamb, picked up a bag of our natural lump charcoal, made a marinade, and grilled on charcoal for the first time in at least 15 years. It was amazing. And now I cannot go back to gas.

fancy hibachi

I have been grilling on that little hibachi ever since, which is challenging considering I have a family of five. I needed something bigger. But I couldn’t find a hibachi that was bigger, or a large grill that I wanted that was in my price range. And then, looking at my hibachi one day, it struck me that a hibachi is built a lot like a chafer. And I just happened to have a scratch and dent chafer that was a customer return that had been taking up room in my garage. Not only was it a chafer, but it was a big, fancy Supreme Roll Top chafer. I had tried giving it away to people, but it is too fancy for someone to want with a dent in it. So I resolved to turn this into to something useful--I resolved to make the World’s Fanciest Hibachi Grill!

Doing so was incredibly simple. The first thing I did was remove the food pan and replace it with a 2.5" deep perforated pan to use as the charcoal holder. I then went to the big box store, and got an adjustable/universal grill grate. I also bought a new drill, and in doing so, I grunted with macho pleasure. Fortunately, I had a gift card. When I got home, I drilled a few 1/4" holes into the sides of the stainless steel water pan. This is not fun. You have to tap in some starter divots with a hammer and nail, and lube when you drill. I didn’t have a vice (I am really not handy at all), so I had to use a cargo strap to secure the water pan to the bench. I actually had to sit down the upside down water pan on the bench when I was doing the hammering, which caused all my neighbors to come out and look at me very strangely. Luckily, I am used to it and I don’t care. Once done, I put it all back together, and stretched the adjustable grate across, which just happened to fit perfectly.

Awesome Fancy Hibachi Facts:

One of my concerns with doing this is not being able to adjust the grate height. But with the extra space, I can adjust the coal height and that will work out fine. I can use the same amount of charcoal as my little hibachi, and still have room for some indirect grilling. What is more is that this has a dome cover, and the dome cover has holes in the sides to let out steam. But in what is now a grill, they work perfectly to allow in enough air to let the charcoal keep burning low, while smoke envelops the food. The pix that you see are the first meal: Steak and potatoes. But I cannot wait to try "Leaping Frog Chicken" on this thing, now that I have the room. And I cannot wait to put a few hickory chips in the water pan and see how that works out!

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