New Arrivals - Candy Bar Ice Cream Toppings and Ice Cream Cones

By Ryan Loose

Who wants ice cream? Well, everybody silly. Thanks to our recently expanded line of ice cream toppings, you’re sure to soothe the sweet tooth of every single customer at your ice cream parlor! With our new candy bar and cookie toppings, you’ll be able to expand your menu and expand your profits! Plus, since they’re already pre-chopped, you’ll save tons of prep time.

Popular Candy Bar Ice Cream Toppings

Our new inventory features a ton of popular brands of candy bar toppings. Here are some highlights.

Dutch Treat Chopped SNICKERS® Bar Ice Cream Topping - 10 lb. Snickers Bar Ice Cream Topping - You know what really satisfies on a hot, hot, hot Spring or Summer day? No. Sorry. Not a cool glass of lemonade. A SUNDAE SMOTHERED IN DELICIOUS SNICKERS BARS!!! Our chopped Snickers Bar ice cream topping lets you make delicious Snickers Bar ice cream or Snickers Bar milkshakes. (Which are probably my favorite. Just an FYI).
Dutch Treat Chopped BUTTERFINGER® Ice Cream Topping - 10 lb. Butterfinger Ice Cream Topping - Nobody better lay a finger, or a spoon, on my Butterfinger milkshake or I’ll probably be forced to break it. These chopped Butterfinger ice cream topping bits blast your ice cream with a bounty of crispy peanut buttery goodness and chocolatey grandeur.
Dutch Treat Ground Peanut Butter Cup Topping - 10 lb. Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream Topping - Peanut butter cups are great on any type of ice cream. It’s true. Even Black Raspberry. I’ve tried it. I know. So don’t disappoint peanut butter cup crazy customers, like me. Be sure to keep plenty of peanut butter cup ice cream topping on hand.
Dutch Treat Chopped M&M'S® Ice Cream Topping - 10 lb. M&M’s Ice Cream Topping - They’re crunchy. They’re chocolatey. They’re just plain down good. M&M’s ice cream topping is a must have addition to any ice cream parlor or restaurant dessert menu. Please Note: the ice cream will still melt in your mouth and your hand regardless of the addition of M&M ice cream topping.

So make your ice cream shop’s menu even more memorable. Click here to see our full line of Candy Bar Toppings.

Cookie Crumbles Ice Cream Toppings

We’ve also added chopped cookies and cream ice cream topping and chocolate cookie crumbles ice cream topping. If you make your own ice cream, these chopped cookie bases are a great time saver.

Ice Cream Cones

Our fresh, crispy sugar cones are the best way to serve heaping scoops upon scoops of your cool, sweet ice cream so keep piling them on! And be sure to click here for all of the U-Bet squeeze bottle syrups and bulk ice cream toppings like strawberry syrup, butterscotch syrup, and hot fudge syrup your ice cream parlor or restaurant needs to beat the Summer rush.
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