True Recipe Mashed Potatoes – Fraudulent or Fabulous?

Have you ever wondered if the people behind ACTUALLY use the products that we promote with such high esteem? Well I have. Most of the time, it seems that our team of talented writers can turn an ordinary, shabby-looking porcelain plate into, “a smooth, silky, pearlescent gem of epic proportions, capable of turning your everyday cuisine into world-renowned, mouthwatering delicacies, of exceptional class, quality, and superior value.” In reality, is that plate really just a plate?

This past weekend, I decided to test out a few of our claims here at I was hosting a charity dinner for a local food pantry in the Central Pennsylvania Area, with a menu complete with ham loaf, turkey loaf, green beans, corn, buttered rolls, fruit cocktail, dessert, and of course, mashed potatoes with gravy. Now, working at, I have come across these True Recipe mashed potatoes on more than one occasion. Ever since we got them in stock, it has always been somewhat of a joke around the office that one measly #10 can offers a whopping 145 servings. Yea right. Sounds impossible to me.

Regardless, no one ever wanted to test this claim out to be certain. If the said claim were indeed true, I had better start stocking up for a Zombie Apocalypse…Do you know how many days one could survive on these mashed potatoes at 145 servings per can? Exactly. So I decided to test out this claim and use these potatoes for my dinner – I had to allow the truth to set me free.

Since I was planning on serving around 300 people, and was less than confident that this claim was all that it was mashed up to be, I decided to purchase an entire case of mashed potatoes, at (6) - #10 cans per case. That’s enough for 870 servings according to our website.

To begin, I decided to start with only one can to see how far that ACTUALLY got me. So, I turned on the range, got out a relatively large stockpot, and started boiling 12 quarts of water. Once it was boiling, I poured the water into my mixing bowl and added in the 3 tablespoons of salt that the potatoes called for. At this point, I turned on the mixer on low speed like the recipe on the can instructed, and slowly began pouring in the mashed potatoes until all of the water was absorbed. Like the recipe said, it only took about a minute for this to happen, but the potatoes still were not multiplying by the masses like the claim suggested. I was quickly getting disheartened. Could my co-workers have led our customers astray by posting fraudulent information?

This could NOT be the case. Now it was time to get serious. I cranked the mixer up to high speed like the recipe called for, and to my surprise, within minutes, I watched the magic happen! As the white, fluffy ‘tatoes skated around the mixing bowl, aided by the elegant hand of the whipping attachment, they got plumper, fluffier, softer, and mashed-potato-like. As I continued to scrape them down from the sides of the mixing bowl with my spoonula, they expanded in quantity just like the claim suggested! After only 3 or 4 minutes, the mashed potatoes were undeniably able to serve 145 people- if not more!

I poured them into a steam table pan, and, to my liking, they just barely fit into it. These potatoes are seriously MAGIC! For my dinner, I made two more cans of these potatoes and had more leftovers than I could have ever imagined. At least we could donate the leftovers to the food pantry!

For this same dinner, I also tested out the Country Gravy Mix from Each 24oz. bag of powdered mix claims to make 1 gallon of gravy. Want to know what happened with that? Check back next week to see if it too turned out to be as wonderful as suggested…Or a total disaster.

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