Tabletop Settings for Birthday Bashes In Your Banquet Room

She's so happy!

Everyone had a childhood fascination with birthdays at one point or another. After all, who doesn't enjoy a deliciously moist chocolate cake (get that vanilla nonsense out of here) that goes hand-in-hand with presents? Birthdays lose much of their charm as you grow older, however, and serve as an annual reminder that we're one year closer to joint pain, senility, and more medication than anyone can keep track of. Still, if there is one thing birthdays are good for, it's the sporadic get-together of friends and family for a rocking birthday bash.

When those times arise, draw today's present and future elderly out of their home or backyard and into your restaurant's banquet room! You've already got the delicious food to fill them up, right? Well, has all of the tabletop settings that you need to quickly construct a spirited environment for all ages!

For the Kids!

Whether the gathering is in celebration of a child's birthday or there are children who are simply along for the ride, has what you need to create a festive dining surface.

Let's be honest; children are notoriously messy eaters. Help protect your tabletop from unsightly stains and make the cleanup process quicker and more convenient than ever by choosing between our party-themed table covers to dress the entire table, and birthday placemats to create individual dining surfaces! Because the foundation of each of these items is standard white paper, why not give your youngest guests an added layer of amusement with our restaurant crayons that will let their imaginations run wild?


Children love bright, flashy colors, so give them what they want in a disposable and economic form! Set your children's table with colorful plastic cups and lids, plastic plates, plastic flatware, and colored dinner napkins!

For the Adults!

The needs of adults are much less restrictive than those of children; just give us the essentials and we're good to go. Luckily for you, has all of the essentials that look great and are also unbeatably priced! Versatile options that would work well at almost any food service operation include glass tumblers, glass plates, Regency flatware, cloth napkins, and cloth table covers.

Of course, adults will think even more highly of you if you're prepared to offer them their favorite alcoholic beverages. Serve them your most popular brews from a glass pitcher into our beer glasses and glass beer mugs, or pour your famous house He's so sad! wines from a decanter or carafe into a beautiful wine glass for their enjoyment. Create the right atmosphere with all of these ingredients, and you'll be sure to win over a room full of what will surely become repeat customers!

For Everyone!

When the entree is finished and it's time for the cake to make its appearance, don't forget to have the candles lit! But please, don't use trick candles. Even the youngest of children can sense how demoralizing it is to fail at something as simple as blowing out a flame while all those in company find joy in their desperation. Really--it's not funny.

Just kidding. It totally is.

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Jason Fallan Says:

I take blowing candles out so seriously, that the only way I am satisfied is if I blow all of the candles clear off the cake.

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