5 Restaurant Supplies You Need To Keep Your Restaurant Sanitary And Safe

By Ryan Loose

Proper food safety and sanitation is a topic that I believe isn’t talked about enough. As vacation season approaches, and tourist season begins, your restaurant is going to get busier. Which is a great thing, but it’s important to always keep your HACCP program in check regardless of higher customer traffic. So, here are some must have restaurant supplies that make it simple to keep your restaurant safe and sanitary all the time.

Cooling Paddles Cooling Paddles - Cooling paddles are the best way to rapidly cool soups and stews before cold storage, so they spend as little time as possible in the temperature danger zone for food safety. For more information, click here!
Probe Thermometers Probe Thermometers - Probe thermometers are the easiest way to check food temperatures in your kitchen. Properly monitoring food temperatures throughout the prep, cooking, and serving process increases food quality and prevents certain food borne illnesses. For more information, click here!
Safety Ice Scoops Safety Ice Scoops - Ice is used in every aspect of food service. And, let’s face it, your ice machine bin doesn’t get cleaned as often as it should. Safety ice scoops have guards that prevent the user’s fingers, hands, and forearms from making contact with the ice, which can spread bacteria and pathogens through cross contamination.
Disposable Gloves Disposable Gloves - A sure-fire way to prevent the spread of food and ice borne illnesses through cross contamination is to train your employees to always wear disposable gloves, and change them often especially when changing from one task to another in the kitchen. For more information, click here!
QuikSan Spray Sanitizer and Disinfectant - Keeping surfaces like equipment stands, prep tables, and restaurant equipment properly sanitized at all times is obviously one of the biggest steps in keeping a clean, sanitary, and safe kitchen. And, with our popular and convenient 1 qt. QuikSan spray sanitizer and disinfectant from Noble Chemical, it’s never been easier! No more messy buckets and confusing dilution processes!
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