July 2014 WebstaurantStore Coupon Code Update!

By Steven Ziegler

July is here and so is a new batch of Webstaurant Coupon Deals! But, before you check out those great deals, would you like to know how to make $16 with each item you buy from the WebstaurantStore? I'm sure you do, so I'll fill you in on a way many folks have gotten great discounts off of our site. Their secret: writing about, photographing, and videotaping the items that they buy from us!. Written reviews can get you $2 off your next order, photos of products can get you $4, and videos of the product in action can get you $10 off! To find out more about how this works, check out our review page for details: Webstaurant Review Page.

Lately, the photos we have been recieving from customers have been wonderful! We love seeing our items in use in the real world, so we created a Pinterest Board showing some of the best photos, called "Our Items in the Wild". We keep adding to it, so maybe your submitted photos will show up! Enjoy the photos and our July Specials!

Use Coupon Code: JULYSALE

For any or all of the following items for the entire month of July!
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  • Edna Rankins

    Last month I ordered 2 chaffing pans with the folding racks, they worked well at my party, so I ordered 2 more this week. I know this is a good product. I will always order from this company because they have good merchandise at a good price.

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