The Importance of Trees on Arbor Day and Year-round, In Your Restaurant and Beyond

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Tomorrow is Arbor Day- a day to plant trees, care for trees, and think about the value they bring to each and every one of us. However, it is not a day to condemn the use of trees as part of a manufacturing process to make paper, furniture, and other things; that is part of their value as a renewable resource!

That being said, it is also not a day to encourage deforestation. Moderation, as with most things in life, is key. In consideration of this upcoming holiday, we would like to provide a glimpse of just a few of the wooden items offered at WebstaurantStore; made possible only by trees!

Not Just for Pandas

Our selection of bamboo dinnerware and flatware gives you everything you need to create a fine, eco-friendly tabletop setting. With plates, forks, knives, spoons, and everyone's favorite, sporks, WebstaurantStore is your one-stop-shop for wooden dinnerware and flatware. With the Spring wedding season kicking into full-gear, wood tasting spoons, can help you create perfect snacks for your reception!

The best thing about all of these items? They're made from solid birch wood that is harvested from F.S.C. (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified replanted / sustainable forests so that you know they're environmentally friendly.

Not Just for Turtles

We all know that if there's one group of animals that loves pizza, it's turtles (you know, of the ninja variety). But did you know that you can keep both human and mutant turtle filled with piping hot pizza with the help of trees? Our wooden pizza peels will allow you to easily move pizzas to and from your oven, add toppings, and even create attention grabbing displays at your pizzeria or restaurant!

Not Just for Spiders

Charlotte and the rest of the world's spiders, fictional and real, do weave majestic webs, but you don't want them doing it around your restaurant (sorry, Charlotte). With our selection of woven wood bowls and plates, you can add a classic, terrestrial feel to virtually any type of restaurant!

Not Just for Vervet Monkeys

Yes. There is a breed of monkey in the Caribbean that has a fondness for alcohol and that indulges that preference in ways similar to us humans (Google "alcoholic vervet monkeys." You'll see what I mean). We could delve into what may end up a heated discussion, but I'll simplify things. What really sets us apart from the apes is that we prefer our booze in comfort and with style. WebstaurantStore has the wooden chairs you need to comfortably enjoy your wine, mixed drinks, or beer, and even the bamboo knot food picks that allow you to jazz up your martinis!

For Everyone

Trees are beneficial to everyone, animal and human alike. When tomorrow rolls around, why not show some "holiday spirit" by planting a tree to help out in the present and the future? Happy Arbor Day, everyone!

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