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Food Facts to Celebrate 50 Years of Beatlemania

It was February 9, 1964 when The Beatles gave their first live U.S. television performance on The Ed Sullivan Show, initiating fandom known as "Beatlemania" that still runs strong 50 years later. To celebrate here at the WEBstaurant Store, I dug up some food facts and lyrics embedded in songs written by the British Fab Four. While tunes like Strawberry Fields make obvious reference to food (and, well, other ingestible substances iconic to the sixties), some are not quite as detectable.

Image Credit: The Beatles Recreated with Breakfast Food, by http://www.ifood.tv/

1. Yesterday… Scrambled Eggs?

When Paul McCartney first penned Yesterday, he used the working line "Scrambled Eggs" as a substitute lyric until settling on the now-iconic song title. You can hear a parody of the song performed by Sir Paul himself on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

2. Strawberry Fields

The 1967 hit Strawberry Fields Forever was inspired by John Lennon's childhood memory of playing in the garden of "Strawberry Field," an orphanage in Liverpool, England. New York City's Strawberry Fields is now a living memorial to the late Lennon that serves as a meditative spot in Central Park.

3. A Taste of Honey

Foods mentioned in Beatles songs include: cornflakes, eggs, honey, marshmallows, octopus, peppers, pies, strawberries, truffles, and turkey.

4. Beatle Beans

When Beatlemania broke out, fans pelted the band with Jelly Babies (the U.K. variation of jelly beans) after it was reported George Harrison liked eating them. It was later revealed that he disliked the candy, stating "I was hit in the eye once with a boiled sweet, and it's not funny."

5. A Truffle Tribute to Clapton

The White Album's Savoy Truffle was written by George Harrison as a tribute for friend and fellow musician Eric Clapton's fondness for chocolate. The title and many of the lyrics were derived from a box of Mackintosh's Good News chocolates.

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