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By Ryan Loose

Bravo customers! Give yourselves a hand! I mean it. Where ever you are right now, start clapping for yourself. Then check out the expressions of the people around you. That was fun. But seriously, I do want to give you all a big round of applause and a sincerest thank you from all of us at for the amount of product reviews and review pictures you’ve been sending in.

Since we started our campaign for product reviews a few months ago, the response has been outstanding. Also, the quality of the reviews and images has been incredible. Here are examples of some delicious looking product review pictures we received a bit ago from our friend Michelle T. and her company My Little Cupcake. And the best part, she got paid for each one! To check out the products Michelle reviewed, just click on the images .

So, How Can I Get In On This?

Now that you’re probably as hungry as I am, first grab a snack. Next, ask yourself ’How can I get paid to send in pictures and write reviews? Well it’s simple. Just register for our site. Next, find a product you’ve bought from us, go to the bottom of the page, and click the green Write your own review button. It’s that simple. If the review and image meets our criteria and approval, we’ll give you credit towards your next order - $2.00 for a written review and $4.00 for an image! What are you waiting for? Register and start saving today!

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sandra stephens Says:

I love the products here on Webstaurantstore. You can actually put on an amazing display with very simple dishes. I especially enjoy using the petite line.

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