Fall Cleaning Time for Condenser Coils

Pop Quiz: When was the last time you cleaned the condenser coils and air intake on your reach-in freezer, refrigerator, or ice machine? Last week? Last month? Sometime last year?

Routine cleaning tasks like this often get overlooked or ignored--at least until your ice machine breaks down at 6 p.m. on Friday night! Dirty compressor coils and intake grates make your refrigeration unit's motor work longer and harder to do the job, wasting electricity and shortening its life.

Just like your car runs better and gets better gas mileage after replacing its air filter (a painless, inexpensive 5-minute job), you'll notice the same type of improvement in performance and efficiency with your refrigeration equipment after you clean it (also a painless, inexpensive 5-minute job)! You've probably invested a lot of money into your refrigeration equipment, so why not invest a little time taking care of it?

For other energy-saving hints and suggestions, check out our Refrigerator and Freezer Energy Savings Guide.

Or, shop for vacuum cleaners or some cleaning wipers to get started!

Posted in: Restaurant Equipment | By Brian Montgomery
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