The Future of Ice Machines is Here

You can find guides, tips, and info on ice machines all over the place. But unless you just bought a new model, you probably don't hear much about how far they've come in the industry. With computerized monitoring, complex internal systems, and greater energy efficiency levels, it's incredible just how much of a difference a few years can make between your old ice machine and one fresh off the assembly line.

Constant Watch

Manitowoc ID-1202A Indigo Series 30 inch Air Cooled Full Size Cube Ice Machine - 1100 lb.

One of the biggest improvements to ice machines over the past few years is their ability to monitor, record, and display critical data. Like Big Brother in 1984, new ice machines keep a constant watch on their many parts to ensure each one is fulfilling its duty. The best thing about this trend is that when a problem occurs with your ice machine, it can tell you what happened, where it happened, and other important information. So now instead of paying someone else to come take a look at it, you can fix it yourself.

You can use this same technology to:

  • Check service history
  • Check on your ice machine remotely
  • Change settings
  • Change energy and water usage

The Digital Age

Thanks to the constant improvements of the digital age, ice machines have benefited immensely by taking on easy-to-read displays. These displays inform you of issues and diagnostic information in simple terms so you can keep things like filters, connectors, and more up to snuff without in-depth mechanical knowledge or taking a shot in the dark. Depending on how high tech you want to go, some models will even send you an email or a text message to let you know what's going on. How's that for service?

It's All About Green

There's no question that energy efficiency is important for everything from the environment to your bottom line. And much like televisions, cars, and other improving technology, ice machines have become significantly more efficient. While some are simply better at using energy, others include features such as waste water recycling and pre-cooling incoming water. These improvements can help improve every quality of your ice machine, including accelerating ice production, saving electricity, and extending compressor life. For the most energy-efficient equipment, look for the Energy Star banner on select products!

Energy Efficiency

If you're using an older model of an ice machine, upgrading is fast and easy with our large selection of different models and vendors. With whole categories of air cooled, remote condenser, undercounter, and combination models (among others), you're sure to find what you need!

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