Bizarre Product Of The Month - The Bone Dust Scraper

By Ryan Loose

There comes a point in every writer-who-works-for-an-online-food-service-supply-distributor’s life when they stumble upon a product and just have no idea what it is. But they’re scared. Very, very scared. Well, just the title of March’s Bizarre Product of the Month sent shivers down my spine and caused horrific visions of monstrous figures wielding myriads of razor sharp kitchen cutlery and other nasty kitchen utensils.

Run For Your Life -- He’s Got A Bone Dust Scraper!!!!

Now come on. If you didn’t know what it was, doesn’t the phrase Bone Dust Scraper just sound terrifying? I mean, one would automatically think that it is a tool designed for scraping dust from bones. Who would use such a thing? A Pirate? At least, that’s what my first impression was.

But No. Sorry everyone. It’s really not as vicious as you all think. (You guys are crazy. You know that right?). A Bone Dust Scraper can be defined as a butcher’s hand tool designed for removing bone dust from newly cut or sawn meat surfaces. Basically, the Bone Dust Scraper’s series of ’circles’ act like a tooth brush for freshly cut steaks, chops, roasts, or any cut of meat really. They reach the hard-to-reach crevices where small particles of bone might get stuck during the butchering process. The Bone Dust Scraper is also great for scraping fat film from cuts of meat before cooking.

Well That’s Not Scary At All. Now I Want One!

Our Bone Dust Scraper from Victorinox is made of durable, white poly plastic and has an ergonomically designed handle for a sure grip in wet or dry situations. It’s a must have tool for any butcher shop or restaurant kitchen. Having your very own Bone Dust Scraper shipped right to your restaurant, butcher shop, or home is simple too. Just Click Here!

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