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Ordering all the equipment and supplies you need for your commercial kitchen is now even easier than before with The WEBstaurant Store’s redesigned website! Our site still features the same high quality products and low prices that you expect, now outfitted with new features designed to make your shopping experience even more pleasant. At present, only a small percentage of customers will find themselves using the new website. We will be gradually rolling out the site to more and more of our customers - so if you don't see it on your browser yet, take a sneak peek below at what to expect!

Designed for Your Device

New Site Multiple Devices View

We understand that whether you are a busy restaurant owner, concession stand operator, baker, or chef, your time is precious - and you're often on the move. Now, our website adapts to your needs and your screen! Thanks to its new design, automatically flows to fit devices ranging in size from a small tablet to a large desktop monitor. Plus, our fast mobile site makes it easy to shop on the go using your phone! has a fresh, new interface and realigned navigation that's more than an attractive overhaul - it's designed to help you find, see, and select products faster and more comfortably than ever. The bigger search bar is easy to see and use, especially on touch screen devices, and all our key categories and business types are right along the top of the screen for quick navigation.

Customizable Product Listings

New Site Product List

See top selling products, read reviews, and check out product photos easily with the new expanded search view that allows you to toggle between a classic results grid and a list - we'll even remember your preference so you can continue browsing just the way you want to. And, after you find what you're looking for, you can hide the results filters, giving you even more room to browse our product listings.

Enhanced Product Pages

New Site Item Page

The WEBstaurant Store still features the same great, informative and original content for each product, now wrapped up in an even better package with larger, easy-to-read typeface. Bigger photos on product pages let you have a better look at potential purchases, with faster zoom capabilities so you can have a close-up view from the comfort of your home or office. Product highlights are now positioned high on the page so you can quickly review features at a glance, and our great pricing is even more prominently positioned with easy links to additional sizes and quantities.

Personalized Recommendations

New Site Recommendations

The product recommendation feature is designed to help you discover new products based on what other customers have suggested previously. These recommendations may show you similar products or add-on items that could suit your needs – and even help you bring down your per-item shipping costs! Plus, if we know of a product comparable to the one you want but at a better price, we’ll be sure to show you those suggestions when you click on an item.

Secure & Simple Checkout

New Site Checkout

Our 100% secure checkout process is easier than ever to navigate, walking you through each step from your cart to final confirmation. Checking the number of items in your cart is simple thanks to the clear icon at the top of each page, and cart contents can be reviewed at any time during your shopping. And, as always, our friendly customer service representatives are just a call or click away to answer any questions!

Posted in: Company Information | By Emily Gertenbach
Steven Fadick Says:

Love the redesign, you guys are great

Emily Gertenbach Says:

Thanks Steven! We're happy to know that you like the new site design!

David Blink Says:

I have to say, this is one the easiest to use and nicely designed sites I've encountered in a long time. Your e-mail notification is equally clean and efficient. Give your design and implementation team a raise!

Emily Gertenbach Says:

Thanks, David - I'm happy to hear that using our site is a pleasant experience for you! We're all working hard to make sure that it continues to be great!

Alan Rojer Says:

Nice redesign, especially appreciate that javascript is mostly not required. Would like to see prominent links to access my wish list, at least from my account page. Thanks!

Emily Gertenbach Says:

Thanks for the feedback, Alan! I'm glad to hear that the site has been working well for you.

Mary Tyndall Says:

You have diagnosed the weak stops in your web site and it works smoothly. I am delighted. Thank you. No more frozen shopping carts.

Emily Gertenbach Says:

We're happy that you're happy, Mary! Thank you for the feedback - I am glad to hear that the site is working better than ever for you.

Terri Borchardt Says:

Any chance you will add a wish list or a save for later list? At you can choose to save items from you cart for later (your next order) and is really helpful. I loaded my cart up here and would love to save these items so I don't forget about them. Pricing is very reasonable and the variety is exceptional!!

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