February 2013 WEBstaurantStore.com Coupon Code Update

By Steven Ziegler

They say that saving money is making money; so how do you save the most at WEBstaurantStore.com? So many folks use us for smallwares, equipment, and catering supplies, but many restaurateurs save even more money by using us for their everyday items. Now, if you’ve ever added a single box of take outs, toilet paper, or trash liners to your cart on our site, you might be put off by the shipping. Even with our low pricing, when you add shipping on a single large or heavy box, sometimes it doesn’t work out. That really isn't the way to buy those everyday supplies from us. The way to do it is to stock up. Go through your regular list of products that you order weekly and add it to your cart. The per-item shipping charges go way down when you order larger quantities. When added to our already low prices, you’ll see how you can save a great deal of money off of your food service supplier or even your warehouse club. Unlike the warehouse clubs, we deliver to your door and we don’t have lines.

February’s coupon code is for an everyday item that is used heavily this time of year: hot cups. Our Choice hot cups look great and are much less expensive than the other brands. Compare for yourself! And then after you compare our regular pricing, take 10% off after you apply this month’s coupon code. Here is the link: Choice Hot Cups.

Our Coupon Code for February 2013: 10% off of cases of Choice Hot cups: hotcup10

And if you want a bit more on how to save on shipping at The WEBstaurant Store, here is a little video that we put together:



    Your shipping is very pricey would ups be a cheaper way for some of us to get our orders from you.

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