This One’s For the Dogs

Here at, we are more than just the industry-leading online distributor of food service equipment and supplies – We are a dedicated team of hardworking individuals delicately balancing our devotion to work with our personal lives. However, as it seems, it is entirely too easy to allow our identities at work to overshadow our identities outside of the workplace. So here you have it . . . A sneak peek into my life OUTSIDE of

At, I go by the name “Leidra.” At home though, I am often referred to as “Leedy,” or, as my adorable “niece,” Lady, likes to refer to me, “Auntie Leedy.” It was not by chance that I happened to use quotations around the word, “niece.” You see, Lady is not like most nieces; she is a full-blood redbone coonhound. Yes, you heard correctly; my niece is a dog (who thinks she is a human).

Lady spends her days like most two-year-olds, eating, sleeping, watching television, playing, running, oh, and doing arts and crafts. Lady LOVES to send cards to people for any holiday, birthday, or other major event. She even colors them by holding markers with her mouth, and signs them with a paint-stained paw.

Her favorite time of the day though does not involve such arts and crafts, but rather treats. Lady’s treats are the most intricate, delicate, delicious dog treats that I have ever seen. My sister, Lady’s “mother,” scours the local markets to find only the best treats for Lady. Typically, her treats come from high end “bakeries” specializing in treats for dogs such as Lady.

Using standard bakery equipment and supplies, including convection ovens, cookie sheets, and premium bakery display cases, these skilled artisans work day in and day out to create hand-made treats, bones, cakes, and much more, all with the final consumer intended at being man’s best friend.

Many of the biscuits that these bakers whip up are cut into eye-catching shapes, including hearts, stars, daisies, and animals, and hand-decorated with icing. And their ingredients are not as bland as one would expect; Lady’s favorite treats are made primarily out of peanut butter.

The part that amazes me the most about Lady’s treats are not the treats themselves, but the detail spent in packaging them up just like actual bakery treats for humans. Her cakes come in bakery boxes, atop of doilies for an elegant touch. She is a Lady you know. Even her cookies and biscuits come in cookie bags so that they don’t get lost on the way home.

Lady undeniably is a character all on her own, and the treats that she devours are nothing less than the best to match her diva personality. Today, on International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day why not stop by a doggie bakery on the way home to pick up the perfect treat for your little pooch? Who knows, soon enough you may be making arts and crafts with your dog too.

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