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Easter Egg Boxes - Just In Time For The Holiday Rush!

By Ryan Loose

We all miss Easter egg hunts, don’t we? Come on, admit it. Well, how excited would you be if you found a delicious chocolate Easter egg on your hunt? Now, tell me how excited you would be if that deliciously decadent chocolate Easter egg was packaged in one of our fun and attractive Easter egg boxes! It’s okay, I know. You’d be totally freaking out of your skull!

Just in time for Easter, our newly added Easter egg boxes are the perfect way to merchandise chocolate Easter eggs, baked goods, or other candy treats. Whether you run a bakery, gift shop, candy boutique, or fudgeytorium (Yeah, I made it up - means fudge shop) these attractive Easter egg boxes have large, crystal clear windows that show off the quality and care that goes into every one of your delicious chocolate Easter eggs. A subtle lilac color and playful floral design calls up images of warm Spring days, sun-kissed grass, and Easter egg hunts in the backyard. With 1/4, 1/2, 1, and 3 lb. sizes available, we’ve got the right Easter egg box for any size chocolate Easter egg or other candy. And don’t worry, a variety of inserts are available as well, to securely hold your delicious chocolate Easter eggs for safe, easy transport (or in case the dog knocks one over before the hunt begins!).

Check out the rest of our great selection of candy boxes for colorful Holiday themed designs, ribbons, or classic white candy boxes perfect for any occasion.

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Holly Hoover Says:

That chocolate bunny looks tasty!

evelyn ryan Says:

need abox for a 140mm egg how much please for approx 60

Ryan Loose Says:

Hello Evelyn, Thank you for your comment and question. Our Customer Service team will be more than happy to help you track down an Easter Egg box to suit your specific needs. They can be contacted via the Live Chat feature on our website, or at help@webstaurantstore.com. Thank you very much again, Ryan Loose WEBstaurantStore.com

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